7 Things to Consider Before You Say “Dear Love, I Quit!” – Intro Part 1


Photo by belovodchenko

As the first post of this blog, let me start off by offering you a warm welcome-hug, a high-five, a fist-bump, peace sign, or whatever else I can do to make you feel comfortable in this safe, loving place for us Quitters.

Now.  Let’s chat a sec about what this blog is about, what “Dear Love, I Quit!” is, and what it is not.

If I were to ask 10 random people if they’d like to “quit” a behavior, thought, or habit that was negatively impacting their lives, I would say 5 or more would reply “yes”, or agree that would be a good idea.

Have you ever thought something to be a good (or great) idea, but when you dove into the finer details: requirements, costs, time commitment, sacrifice — suddenly the good idea isn’t so great anymore?

Before you join me on this journey of “quitting” and shout “Dear Love, I Quit!” from your valleys or mountain tops, here’s more clarity about the perspective of this blog, and the intended execution of the phrase.

“Dear Love, I Quit!” is:

1. A personal choice.

As much as I hope this blog will be a place where like-minded Quitters can connect, learn from, and encourage each other, that “I” is in the phrase for a reason.  Just like smoking, gambling, or any other vice, quitting is a personal decision that only you can make for yourself.  There is no team effort or point sharing in this game, and there is no finger-pointing allowed (unless you’re looking in the mirror). Sometimes, the only voice you’ll hear say “Keep going” is the one in your heart whispered by Love.  Listen with personal conviction, as the work you do on this journey requires total commitment and ownership by you.

2. An acknowledgment of what needs to change.

Can we truly heal from what we refuse to face about ourselves?   The “quitting” journey requires loving honesty – if it’s a part of you, and you don’t want to do or be that anymore, then acknowledge it for what it is, and make a decision to quit.  Sometimes it’s painful to face certain habits or traits  about ourselves; there was a time when my pride told me “Girl, it’s not you, it’s just them!”  Sure, I faked myself out for a good while, until I got sick of my own self too!  If we want to change, we must “call a spade a spade” and make a choice to commit to change, and let Love support us throughout the process.

3. An affirmation in dialogue form.

You’ve made the personal choice to let go, shift, change – why not share it with Someone who Loves you, is excited about your decision to quit, and has the power to actually help you reach your goal?  An affirmation that is a reflection of God, who IS Love, is already validated, confirmed, and fulfilled.  We’re just going through the process!  So every time you say or think “Dear Love, I Quit!”, it is the beginning of a prayer, a conversation with God that declares “I release this.  I accept and give myself over to the love-plan already purposed for me. I trust You.” Boy, does that make Love smile.

Before moving on to Intro Part 2, do any of these perspectives resonate with you? If so, which?


Your thoughts?

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