7 Things to Consider Before You Say “Dear Love, I Quit!” – Intro Part 2


Photo by Neil Gould

In Part I of this post, we talked about 3 core principles that drive the purpose and intention of “Dear Love, I Quit!”.

Have you ever noticed how the same words spoken to different people can evoke different meanings?  Yes, we hear with our ears, but we often interpret and respond based on our experiences. For example, when sharing the words “Dear Love, I Quit!” with others, I’ve witnessed a range of responses, from “I heard that, I’m done with dating too!” to “Why would you quit Love? Love is everything!”  Sometimes, knowing what something is not helps to cement an understanding of what it is.

Dear Love, I Quit!” is not:

1.  Just a chant or mantra.

There’s nothing like being “fired up” for a cause, everyone shouting the same war cry.  The excitement and motivation sure is contagious, but a war cry alone does not win a war.    “Dear Love, I Quit!” is intended to encourage you, support you, motivate you. But, for motivation to carry any real weight, it must be acted upon.  When the shouts, fist-pumps, and kumbayas are all but an echo, you’ve got to get moving forward; there’s quitting to be done.

2.  Giving up on Love or relationships.

We’ll dive more into the difference between Love and relationships in later posts, but for now, just know that this is not a journey to quit either.  God is Love and the source of all hope, strength, and courage for your life – you’re going to need God’s loving support to realize any real change in your total self.  And no matter where you are with relationships (hurt, bitter, regretful, indifferent), there is an abundance of Love ready to reveal the generosity of God in new ways to you. Focus on you, and watch Love work.

3.  A hopeless place.

Don’t let the word “quit” or “quitter” trick you — you are not lazy, weak, or hopeless! There are many blessings and grateful exhales that come with “quitting” the right stuff: the stuff that’s hurting you, holding you back from joy, success, contentment, destiny – LOVE!  This is a place of GREAT hope and determination, as Quitters are some of the most courageous and strong people I know. Say it loud… “I quit, and I’m proud!”

4.  Kim’s super-duper expert, guru strategies that will change your life forevermore, amen!

I get it.  Authors are supposed to build platforms and brand themselves as experts in their field, yada yada.  Do I want to be revered as a leader with sound guidance, develop a superb following of Quitters, and sell tons of books?  Yeah, I’ll take two please *smile*.  But, I’ve purposed to do so as a HUMAN.  Everyday, I’m still growing into the woman God purposed me to be; I’m still learning, exploring, AND jacking stuff up LOL!  But, I’ve also mastered a few things in my life, having been kept back in a life lesson or two.  So, there will be days when I’ll encourage you, and days when I’ll be scouring the comments section, looking for encouragement myself.  We are all teachers and students.  We are all in this game called Life, together.

Your thoughts?

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