Repeat After Me – Your Personal Inauguration Vow


Photo by Elise Amendola

History strikes again this weekend, as the first African-American President, Barack Obama, is sworn in for a second term.  Total awesome-ness!  Standing in my kitchen this morning, I could picture over a million people of all ages and nationalities converging on the U.S. capitol for the inauguration, parades, parties – the energy in D.C. is going to be off the charts, especially if you voted for Obama.

We all cherish the right to vote in our nation’s elections, but what about our personal voting rights?  Our internal privilege and free-will to choose?  Reflecting on how much I have finally “voted for Kim” in the past couple of years, I started thinking:  “Hmph (lol), I should have MY OWN inauguration ceremony for myself.”

Can I keep it real?  As campaign manager, Love’s push to get me to choose Me has been long and tedious – mostly because my hard head wouldn’t (or maybe couldn’t) get that “there was no other candidate to produce PURPOSED results for my life than Me!”

Love placed campaign ads in the Bible, in text messages and sound bytes from friends and family.  Love went even further than Liv did with Fitz (lol) – It wasn’t left up to me to “figure out” who I was on the campaign trail, Love patiently showed me, from the beginning, who I was and that my purpose and worth was more valuable than I knew.

And guess what?  Love is on a personal campaign for you to vote for You, too, Quitters!

No more living in un-purposed chaos. No more existing, when Love’s heart aches for you to thrive.  No more dimming your light for others’ insecurities.  No more acting out of character – you were hand-picked for the role called You…no one else could ever pull it off.

So, I invite you to join me, and have a personal inauguration with yourself!  An inauguration doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of work ahead (so don’t party forever lol), but your inaugural vow means you agree with Love – “I am THE ONE for this job called My life.”  And the best news yet?  Love did not bring you this far to leave you now. *cue confetti*

Place your hand on your heart, and repeat after me:

“I, <insert name>, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Love-plan God has purposed for my life, and will to the best of my ability, honor, pursue, and apply every declaration Love has spoken about me.”

Dear Love, I thank You.

Your thoughts?

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