Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Model Quitter and Chainbreaker


When many think about the life, work and service of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, visions of a “Quitter” fail to dance in their heads. Many have not yet associated the word “quit” with the triumph, mission, and purpose of Dr. King’s life and message.  As we embrace the philosophy of quitting, the resignation from personal negativity and anti-Love, and replace it with the power of Love, I can think of no other MODEL Quitter and Chainbreaker than Dr. King.

Somebody must have sense enough and morality enough to cut off the chain of hate and the chain of evil in the universe. And you do that by love. ~MLK, Loving Your Enemies, Sermon Delivered at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, 1957

I’d personally never read the quote above before writing the previous post about chains.  Now, I’m even more fired up to “have sense enough” to do my work of quitting and chain-breaking, while encouraging others to do the same.

Quitting starts with realization, a common sense awakening.  It is grown from seeds of self-honesty – this chain is not my friend, or something to be desired or flaunted; it must be cut off.  However, within the philosophy of quitting lies the necessity of replacement.  Love always provides an appropriate alternative to a negative response.  I am so inspired by Dr. King’s dedication to quit hate, and replace it with Love.  He championed that people and nations should resign from violence, and replace it with peace.  What would this world be like if we rejected our fascination with darkness, and embraced the simple beauty of Light?

If we are to fulfill Dr. King’s dream, take his message to the masses, serve the poor and less fortunate – there is a first step:

In order to love your enemies, you must begin by analyzing self…We begin to love our enemies and love those persons that hate us whether in collective life or individual life by looking at ourselves. MLK, Loving Your Enemies, Sermon Delivered at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, 1957

Have you taken a good, honest look at yourself?  The actualization of any dream, goal, or purpose begins with self-examination.  Love starts within us and radiates throughout humanity.  If we want the world to quit being a place of darkness, violence, or negativity, we must first begin with an honest look at ourselves, and quit it!  Stop the personal assassinations we commit on our own person.  End the glorification and acceptance of negativity as “this is just who I am.”  Transform the dark places within ourselves with the Light of Love.

I believe, along with Dr. King, that through the power and foundation of Love, we CAN break the chains of evil, not only in the universe, but within ourselves, our families, and our communities.

How does Dr. King’s dream affect your self-examination and quitting journey?

Your thoughts?

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