What’s Your Quit-Deed?


Happy Monday, Quitters!  Can you believe it’s almost February? I hope this month you’ve had some personal reflection and self-examination time to identify a behavior, thought, belief, or habit that has reached “enough”!

Doesn’t matter how big or small, if you’ve just started or “been this way all my life”, Love is here with everything you need to RESIGN and LET IT GO…for good.

Listen, there is no one more excited than God about your decision to “quit”, why? Because God knows you’re that much closer to realizing your wonderfully-designed Self, and all the awesome-ness that comes with The Purposed You. Trust me, at the end of your quitting journey, Love’s gonna knock your socks off :-)!

And I can’t wait!  See, MY quit-deed is a mixture of pride, manipulation, and control..all sprinkled with fear – don’t judge me lol!  As a recovering PhD pro, the last thing you want is to allow yourself to be hurt, used, and mistreated again.  Welp, in my plight to protect myself, I’ve acquired the knack for controlling and manipulating circumstances in order to maintain my “power”; and speaking of power, I’m finally shedding the notion that I have the “power” to make people be or do what I want or need.  Pride says, “your good deeds will bring them around, change them”, totally ignoring the fact that everyone has the power of choice and free will.  Dear Love, I quit thinking the disease-to-please is some powerful concoction of mind control (*smh* needed to get that prayer-note out real quick).  I declare that my quit-deed is replaced with more self-Love, self-esteem, and complete trust in Love’s work for my life.

So may I ask: what’s YOUR quit-deed?  What are YOU committed to quitting, and what is Love replacing it with? Remember, quitting isn’t the end of the story – there’s always a Love alternative to the negatives in our Kung-Fu grip.  Are you replacing blame for others with ownership and responsibility?  Are you replacing grudge-holding with forgiveness?  What about replacing indecisiveness with loving confidence to choose?  Or maybe  it’s simply “I want to replace smoking with improved health.”

This is Step 1, folks.  Call that spade a spade, and show your positive agreement with Love that “it” has to go! Put a name on it, and know there’s nothing but loving accountability here.  WE ALL have a quit list we’re working through, deed by deed.

Share your thoughts below, Fb/tweet me, or inbox me (if you’re not quite there yet with public disclosure).  I pray you find the strength and courage to start today, knowing Love is already at work for you.  I betcha a dollar – you’re not alone, off, weird, or crazy.  But you are… Loved!  You’ve got Love, and Love’s got you – we can do it, Quitters…Let’s (let) Go!

Your thoughts?

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