Love’s Top 5 To-Dos: No Clocking Out After Valentine’s Day



Love had a busy day yesterday, no?

Twenty-four hours, 1,440 minutes of spreading yourself around the globe to surprise the unexpected, warm hearts, and turn millions of frowns upside down.

Love’s been packed into chocolate wrappers, flattened and folded inside Valentine’s greeting cards, and its scent sprayed onto to a gazillion roses of every color in the rainbow.

If I were Love, I’d be TIIIIED!

But a single day will never make Love break a sweat.  Long after the chocolates have melted and flower petals fade – Love is STILL at work for us, in us, and through us.

And for that, I’m grateful.

Love never sleeps, takes a vacation, or clocks out…why? Just take a look at Love’s forever to-do list, with YOUR name at the top of the paper:

  1. Work the life-plan written for _____. Love is constantly guiding and maneuvering us through the plan written for our life, every day of our lives.  This includes strategies to support and prosper us till we reach every purposed milestone. As long as someone’s still breathing on Earth, there’s a life-plan of execution in play.
  2. Save the day for _____.  We get ourselves in more trouble than a little bit, and sometimes trouble pays us a visit  – without invitation – at no fault of our own. No worries. It is Love’s compassion that, just in the knick of time, weaves safety nets when we fall, and builds trap doors that give way to freedom, long before our backs are ever against the wall.
  3. Discipline _____.  I know, we love #2.  But sometimes after our hide is saved from our own poor judgment, rebellion, or disobedience – we feel the brunt of negative consequences. Love uses situations to get our attention, so Love can tell us the truth about ourselves.  The loving discipline and rebuke comes to instruct us and deter us from the repeating the same mistakes over and over.
  4. Heal _____.  Remember those tears you used to cry, where you thought you’d never get to the last drop? Or that pain that broke your heart into a million pieces? Love works around the clock as a mender of broken people and lives.  Love heals – not to restore to the original condition – but restores to an unrecognizable newness we never imagined – in our minds, bodies, and spirit.
  5. Remind _____.   What would our lives be like, if we remembered what Love said about us?  Sometimes Love’s words are but a distant echo, drowned out by what others say, or what we tell ourselves. Love works to constantly remind us of what words to live by – Love’s truth.

Only the weary need rest.  Only those whose strength can fail need a break to rejuvenate. Love? Love never stops. Love never fails.  We can forever depend on Love to get the work done.

Prayer-note: “Dear Love, I quit getting in the way of your work. You are so much better at what You do, than me trying to imitate, help, or out-think You.”

Your thoughts?

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