Quitters Never Win…Oh Really?


Photo by cheriejoyful

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win!”


I remember this mantra from childhood; applied it to myself and others often. I was always the team cheerleader, from relays to kickball – “WE WILL NOT QUIT! WIN, WIN, WIN!” Guess it doesn’t help, either, that I come from a very competitive, by-any-means-necessary family :-/.

Funny how the things we learn as children never seem to come with the disclaimer – “This may not apply to everything, everywhere, all the time, for the rest of your life.” As we get older, we probably develop shock first lol, and then we recognize exceptions to the rules once thought to be so ironclad.  As we mature, we begin to demonstrate wisdom in the way we apply our beliefs – hopefully.

So, what if the opposite is also true: “Losers never quit, and Quitters never lose!” [Tweet this]

It all depends on your interpretation of “quit”.

The “quit” in Dear Love, I Quit is defined as: to resign, refrain, cease, stop, let go, relinquish, etc. When applied to negative, unhealthy behaviors, mindsets, habits, and beliefs – how can we EVER lose?

Sometimes it takes a total paradigm shift.  For example, Love encourages us to forgive and show compassion.  Our ego insists that we will “lose” and they will “win” if we quit holding on to unforgiveness. C’mon ego. In actuality, the act of quitting (unforgiveness) guarantees that we win – peace in our minds, release of stress from harboring ill-will…see the contrast?

How about this… “If I quit playing the victim, I won’t have anyone or anything to blame.”  Umm, right! And that’s a good thing! The love-plan God wrote for us includes developing our character to embrace responsibility for our own actions and emotions. Responsibility is winning!

But maybe the issue is – we have a warped outlook on “winning”.  Many of us have been taught, either by others, experience, or life, that a “win” is only a tangible asset, or it only happens when someone else loses. Oh I beg to differ!

Check out some of the most valuable “wins” in life; they don’t come with a price tag or involve anyone else but you:

Peace of mind
Less stress
Knowing your worth

What ways are YOU winning because you’ve committed to letting some stuff go?

Your thoughts?

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