It’s Every Man for Himself

“Have a seat.”

I can always feel when I’m about to embark on either a life change or a life lesson.  Most times it feels like a dark, lonely classroom for one, where there are more echos than crisp, clear answers when I call out to the Teacher.

But you know what they say: “The Teacher is most quiet when you’re taking the test.” So umm, I guess Love is administering my bar exam for some extreme promotion in my living, thinking, and being these days.

Can I be honest? Sometimes, I wish I could look on someone else’s paper!

Now, before you go calling me a “cheater”, can a sista get some empathy?

There are just some seasons and places in life where – I don’t want to do it by myself!

It’s kinda like that “I WANT MY MAMA!” feeling.  You know.  The feeling you get when you’re real sick, and as a full-grown adult, you start reminiscing on how Mama used to make it better as a kid.  >>That!

But no matter how much we want someone to nurture, support, baby, cheer, carry, or just pat us on the back – there are some bridges in life we can only cross ALONE.

Reminds me of my first childbirth.  Man, that girl stayed in there for 33hrs, hear me lol?!  But finally, at almost 3 A.M., the doctors made the scariest announcement I had ever heard in my life, looking at me straight in the eyes – “It’s time to PUSH!”

Quitters, I wanted to break out in a quick rendition of Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar – Who me? [Yes you.] It couldn’t be. [Then who?]  LOL!

I cannot describe the fear that fell on me.  As much as I had my husband on one leg, and my Mama on the other – NOBODY in the room was going to push that little girl out but me.

Likewise, when it comes to my personal growth and development, when it comes to YOUR personal transformation:  It’s every man and woman for his or herself. Period.

As I’ve shared before, a Quitter’s journey is not for the faint of heart. If you’re serious about change, and truly down for the challenge of becoming your best you – you’re gonna have to make some decisions and face some challenges that only YOU can do.

See, Love’s actually leading us to this realization: If you had the power to change me, you’d also have the power to destroy me. [tweet this]

But, since I have the power to change me, power gifted to me by God, I must have the power to face every challenge and obstacle that comes with that change.  Love’s work for us and in us is complete; God will never leave us handicapped, missing the last proverbial screw that holds it all together.

So, when you’re feeling alone and your ears are ringing from the echos, just remember this:  The echos are there because your voice is bouncing off Love.  You may be by yourself, but you are not alone.

We’ve got this, Quitters! By the time you take your seat, learn your lessons, and pass your tests, you may very well scrape and chip your chair like the one above.  But when Love announces, “You’ve passed, you may go.”, you’ll soar higher than you ever imagined, accomplish more than you’ve every dreamed. Keep believing.

Prayer-note: “Dear Love, I quit confusing ‘by myself’ with ‘alone’. Help me to trust Your silence as times of Your most tender care.”

4 responses to “It’s Every Man for Himself

    • Hey there, mistermaxxx08!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. Keep it poetic (nice lyrics!), and by all means, keep quitting any negative and embrace the positive :-)!

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