Good Friday: Brought to You by a Good God


Photo by Rita Mezzela

It was kind of weird putting it all together – describing the death of  Jesus on the cross, followed by the words “Good Friday”. I found myself stuck between The Rock and a hard place, reminding my kids of the importance of today in our faith on the way to school, that is, until I un-stuck myself and simply moved out of the way – for the Good.  How?

I decided to quit wrestling with the disconnect of  “Good” Friday and Jesus’ death on the cross, based on this simple truth: God is good.

“Well, that’s rather simplistic, Kim.”

Yep, that’s generally how God rolls – with the simple. It’s usually us “smart” folks who try to make things deep and complex, when there’s not a hidden meaning, or even a significant meaning to everything all the time. God is just good. Period.

And if God, who IS Love, is good, then everything God thinks, does, allows, creates, gives, plans – PRODUCES GOOD as well!

Here’s where I think we miss: We judge whether something is “good” by the process vs. the outcome.

(Ooh wee, I know I’m not the only one guilty of that *hands up*!)

God evaluates “good” by the outcome, not the process. Just read the creation story. Emphasis is not on exactly HOW things were made (process), but when it was all said and done, and God reviewed His work – the undisputed results were that IT WAS VERY GOOD.

So, I will be the first to admit – process usually sucks! It’s bad, bad, bad lol! Sometimes, it’s super hard to find the “good” in process while your experiencing pain, heartache, struggles, failures, setbacks, betrayal, loneliness – who in their right mind would freely sign up for any of these things?

But when we view “process’ through the lens of the love-plan written for our lives, the darkest process will illuminate the greater good that is in store for us! We’ll all experience the good, as long as we don’t give up in the middle…of process. See how that works?

As I continue to grow and learn how to master my love-plan, I’m thankful – I can quit, because Jesus didn’t!

Those negative character traits, behaviors, and thoughts that are stowaways on the journey Love has purposed for me – ya’ll have GOT to go! I accept the work of Jesus Christ and God’s Love for me, and trust that my outcome has no other choice – It will be very good.

And yours too! All of humanity has access to Love’s good work for us. Will you accept it and surrender (let go, quit)?

Happy Good Friday, Quitters! Quitting is very good, too *wink*.

Prayer-note: “Dear Love, I quit looking for the good in my process, and embrace the greater good in the outcome I will achieve.”

2 responses to “Good Friday: Brought to You by a Good God

  1. I love the look and feel of your blog. I am trying to quit every day sis. Thanks for stopping by my blog during #UBP13. Stay in touch!

    • Hey there, Stacie! Glad you stopped by and welcome to the Quitter Nation :)! Trust you are not alone, girl. We all have some quit-deeds on the chopping block…let the chains cry! Thx for sharing #UBP13 with me, will def keep in touch.

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