Quit Swerving Into Love’s Lane!


Photo by Allison Hare

I don’t know what makes me think the way I do sometimes.  It’s probably my constant battle with pride and that little “g(od)” I need to quit drawing on my chest.

No matter how much I trace that “g” with my permanent marker, Love has this super-oxi-magic eraser thingy that wipes the slate clean and brings me back to reality.

We are all Love’s BFFs (Blessed Friends Forever), but even the most blessed, best friends, good intentions and all, have to learn their boundaries and how to stay in their own lane.

But impatience, control, self-centeredness, manipulation – these pesky quit-deeds flare up sometimes, don’t they? And before you know, someone’s trying to stop you from saving the world (haha)!

Love and I are on this road trip right now.  It’s been loooong and brutal, an L.A. to NYC by big wheel kinda brutal lol…but something crazy special happened of recent.  I saw a mile marker sign that read, “A few more miles to go.”  Woo woo!

Now, I know God gave me a glimpse of this sign as encouragement – I am not forgotten; my prayers and tears have not gone unnoticed. But, me being Kim, I not only got uber-excited – I got restless and frustrated. How long does it take to go these last few miles!!! Surely, God needs my help, right?

Enter Control and Manipulation.

Have you ever been “close, but yet so far” and tried to help God do/fix it faster?  Ever seen a shortcut up the road, and immediately grabbed the wheel from Love’s hands? Ever stepped on Love’s foot to push the pedal to the metal?

And how’d that work out for ya?  Not too well for me either.

I swerved in Love’s lane this week, with some interesting takeaways I want to share with you.

When we swerve in Love’s lane, we run the risk of injury, loss, damage, heart ache. Why? Because…

1. There’s a bigger picture than what we can see in the windshield.
When Love is driving us to our purpose, destiny, and freedom, the entire trip has already been mapped out end-to-end. Milestones, guideposts, rest areas, lessons, tests are all positioned in their proper place – don’t ignore them searching for the elusive finish line! God is an author and finisher who works in order, according to a well thought out Love plan for every journey in our lives.  Every purposed situation along the way is significant – even the ones that don’t directly involve you.

2. A shortcut to a dead end makes the trip longer.
Pretty much common sense, right? Most of our shortcuts are just the quick, scenic route to a dead end!  We’ll have to swerve back over the miles just covered to get on the right path again – that’s called double-work, Quitters!  The shortest, most direct route to your triumphant finish is the route directed by Love. [Tweet this]

3. Slow and purposed is the new FAST.
Ever have a car cut you off, then drive 2mph? Drives me bananas too! Just like that surprise bill, illness, layoff, or breakup that makes you hit the breaks, when your life was just peachy keen speeding along. But that “slow car” will not hold you up at all.  We can’t see how that car is pacing our journey, while other needful things are coming into place at just the right time up the road.  If we go too fast, we’ll either miss the good stuff, or run into some bad stuff that was being remedied for us – if we’d only trust divine Time.

So yeah, I’m learning. I was able to pull back this week, and take my hands off the wheel – growing to that point where I’ll keep my hands to myself :-).

What are some of YOUR lane-hopping lessons and experiences?

Prayer-note: “Dear Love, I quit thinking you need my help near the finish, when it’s been You carrying me from the beginning of this journey.”

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