Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Love is Mining Your Business


“Stay outta my business, and mind your own!”

As a kid, when you told somebody that, you pretty much just cracked their face and sent them on their merry way – silenced.

But growing up in an “old skool” environment (which is code for I “minded” my elders, got my behind whooped, and was seen more than heard), adults would always tell us – “Girl, you don’t HAVE no business!”

This basically meant, “You haven’t earned the right or lived long enough to manage any situation of significance, of which you’re solely responsible for the outcome.”   Yeah, I agree, the short version says it all.

I get what they were saying, how we were raised not to be “too grown, too soon”.  But the truth of the matter is this: We were all born with business.

Your business is your purpose! What will _____ do to serve humanity? How is the world better off because you are here?

Your purpose is precious, precise, and formed under intense pressure like a diamond.  And since the day you were born, Love’s been at work mining your business.

Who we are purposed to be and what we are purposed to do – you can’t just go and pick it off a tree, or pick it up off the ground and run with it. There’s no grab-and-go when it comes to our business – our purpose is too valuable to come that easy, though I wish it were sometimes.

Life has a way of making you feel sore, raw, and dirty.  With all of life’s pressures – bills, illness, heartache, raising kids, uncertainty – you can begin to feel dug into, like you’re being robbed of chunks of yourself right under your own nose.  And we honestly don’t make it any better, do we? We continuously respond to life’s pressures with anger, rage, unforgiveness, denial, pride, fear…

But as our Divine Miner at work, Love knows (what, where, when, and how):

1.  God’s Love-plan and the location of God’s greatest deposit in our lives (What & Where).
Before your business was birthed, there was a business plan. Your Love-plan was custom-designed for your life – a plan for you to thrive and shine on, and in your purpose.  Whether your shiny purpose is to teach, be a change-agent, heal, be a peacemaker, Love knows the area in your life where this great deposit lies, and will leave no dirt unturned to completely extract it.

2. The optimal temperature and pressure needed to formulate purpose (When).
We’ve all been smothered in dirt. Mile-high piles of lies about who and what we are and aren’t.  Dump trucks, we don’t even own, emptying their pain-loads on us. Self-inflicted wounds and bad habits we’re trying to quit.  Quitters, I’ve had days where I just knew I would spontaneously combust, or at a minimum, implode into a dusty clump on the floor.

But deep beneath the weight and heat of our life crap, we’re growing! The bad is beautifully producing good.  Our purpose is crystallizing and hardening into an unbreakable substance.  The challenge is trusting that the temperature’s right, the pressure is on point, and Love knows when to say when. These trials will not destroy us; don’t dig yourself out too soon.

3.  How to extract, cut, and position our purpose for the best shine.
A diamond is not like a butterfly in a cocoon. You will never find a diamond wiggling, twisting, or turning to help the Miner during extraction. Be still! It’s not your job to excavate, cut, position, and/or polish yourself. Love uses extreme precision tools to drill deep without breaking you, to cut without losing color or clarity, to polish with scratching your life. The end result is a surprise shine you never knew was in you.

Quitters, the old folks were on to something.  Since you have business (purpose), you have something of significance that you are responsible for managing. Commit to managing your shine; Love’s got the mining part down pat.

“Dear Love, I quit neglecting to manage my purpose. I will shine your glory in me like the diamond I am.”

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