The Beauty in Giving Up


This post over at “The Beauty in Things I Complain About” highlights the beautiful essence of a Quitter’s lifestyle. Quitters are bold, courageous souls who look “the bad” in the eyes and find the strength to let go. The negativity you leave behind, no matter how difficult, cannot be compared to the beautiful discoveries within you to be revealed. Find the beauty in giving up, Quitters. It’s right there.

The Beauty in Things I Could Complain About

We are told that winners never quit and quitters never win.  And when you resign yourself to forfeit in a situation or to cease the fight, people shake their heads with judgement and pity.  I have resigned employment more times than I care to admit and while some may see that as me being non-committal in the work world, I have chosen the high road and usually have had to give up things to maintain my integrity.  Often times when people give up on jobs, people, or endeavors it is considered a loss, but not necessarily a detriment and that is because of the Beauty: the Beauty in releasing things that are bad for you, the Beauty in recognizing when things are over, the Beauty in investing your time and energy more wisely, the Beauty in realizing that letting go of something is holding onto something else, the Beauty in…

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