The JeJu Approach: Lessons in Quitting I Learned While Naked


Photo by Daniel B

I’ve been scrubbed, scraped, and steamed like a crab in a seafood boil.  Surely I’ve lost 5lbs in sweat, or somebody’s scale is selling lie-pies – I’ll take a dozen, please.

In my morning after glow, I reminisced about the night I’d had at JeJu Sauna.  For those who aren’t familiar with this super-groovy, full-service-therapeutic, 24-hour wellness spa, make it your business to visit the next time you’re in the Atlanta area. You won’t be disappointed :-).

But this post is not about my 4 out of 5 star review as a first-time JeJu-er per se (feel free to ask any questions in the comments, though).  As the Queen of Quitting, I can’t help but find lessons and takeaways from random life events that inspire the Quitter’s lifestyle. That’s the Queen’s job, right?

So, what exactly is the JeJu approach to quitting?  Simple.  “You have to quit to quit“.

Now, I’m not trying to talk you in circles, but when we make the decision to resign from a negative behavior, thought, or habit, the process is jam-packed with smaller, preliminary quit-deeds that lead to the holy grail of your fundamental goal.

For instance, if you’re giving up alcohol, you have to quit hanging in bars with your boys or girls before you can holler “6mos clean!”, yes?

The JeJu approach highlights what I consider quit-seeds, small steps that will eventually bloom into your big transformation, no matter what behavior, mindset, or habit you’re trying to give up.

Here are some quit-seeds inspired by a JeJu experience or service:

1. Quit being afraid to be vulnerable (public nudity).
With their nude only service areas, JeJu is definitely the go-to place to squash inhibitions.  Once you accept that no one cares about your jiggles or stretch marks, because they have them too – you can move past the fear of being ALL that you are – the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. Show the world who you are – be vulnerable!

Did you know that you actually stick out more, become a bigger target for (negative) attention when you try to hide or put on a facade about who you really are?  We ALL have the same parts (struggles). You’re not the only one struggling with pride, unforgiveness, self-hate, or being a control freak.  Knowing you’re not alone makes quitting a little bit easier – others are in the same boat, riding the same rough waves, and have made it to the other side.  And you can too!

2.  Quit seeking complex, over-the-top ways to solve a problem (hip bath).
While reading the hip bath brochure, with heated herbs steaming under me while on the “pot”, the woman next to me said, “*Sigh* I wish I’d tried this a long time ago.”

“These 19 herbs have been used for centuries to prevent cancer, infections, tumors, constipation, release toxins…”  Hmm, natural remedies available in the earth to cure or prevent dis-ease. Interesting.

How often do we reject the simple for the hard? Perhaps my partner-in-steam had tried doctors, drugs, expensive procedures to address some of the aforementioned ailments. I remember living in the doctor’s office, test after invasive test, taking 20 pills a day, recovering from surgery – Man, I wish I had tried forgiveness to release the effects of emotional stress on my health a long time ago!

So, before you make it deep, spend a ton of money, or waste a lot of time, is there a simple, direct solution you’re either rejecting or unaware of?

3.  Quit thinking you can do it all by yourself (body scrub).
Now, the girl will tell you, “Mama doesn’t play being dirty; she always smells good.” The boy will say, “Mama how do you get your skin so smooth?” So you can imagine my sheer horror during the body scrub of LIFE I received.

“What the heck are these dirty black-grainy-rolly things on this table….ugh!!!” Quitters, I pinky-promise I showered before I left the house lol.

Despite all of your experience and super smarts, you’re going to need someone else’s help to finish strong – or at all.  Just like I couldn’t see the build up of dead skin on my body, there’s someone with greater vision, wider resources, and smarter solutions than you to help you achieve your goals in personal development and self-transformation. But be sure to quit the arrogance, cockiness, and pride that blocks the gift of help you need.

4.  Quit avoiding heated situations (sauna).
“I can barely breathe; don’t think I can take this heat, wow!” I couldn’t even see through all the white steam, but I heard the lady from the hip bath say, “You can take it; it’ll get better once you get used to it.” It did.

As much a we hate it, life gets HOT!  Tempers boil, anger simmers, and we feel the flames at both ends of the candle.  Don’t run from the heat, run with it! These situations are challenging, but once faced and conquered, you will be purified, toxic habits, behaviors, even people removed, leaving you with a better “immune” system to maintain your positive life health and flow. Allow the ashes of those burnt situations to fertilize your life.

What other ways can we prepare for our quitting journeys – in mind, body, and spirit?

Your thoughts?

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