You Can’t Fail Until You Quit!

Photo by Getty/WebMD

Photo by Getty/WebMD

Depending on the object of success, success can be overrated.

We seek, attempt, and are driven to do many things. We acknowledge our intentions, commit to a goal, and set the wheels of achievement in motion. But…

In motion to where? What do we want? What is the end game?

Well, if you have embraced your citizenship in the Quitter Nation, its lifestyle, and mindset, your end game is to be the biggest FAILURE at being your WORSE you! And you will never SUCCEED at FAILING until you QUIT!

Who wants to be a Champion Blamer? A successful REVENGER? Who wants to win the Superbowl of Complaining? How many gold medals do you need in UNFORGIVENESS, GOSSIP, or FEAR?

Just like any other area of success or winning, pursuing success at failing in these negative behaviors and habits takes a ton of work. And the funny thing is, Love will allow Life to give you all the training you need to become the Champion you never knew you could become.

I’m nose deep in training right now…

Sure, I call myself the Queen of Quitting, but did I think for 1 second that little tiara on my head wouldn’t be knocked whop-sided by some fierce winds that would make ME think twice about this quitting business?

With my present personal struggles, I fight daily to avoid the successful pursuit of being angry, controlling, manipulative, prideful – hey, sometimes it takes zero effort to believe those negative mindsets are warranted, valid, and super appropriate given the circumstances.

But at the root of a Quitter’s lifestyle is telling the truth to yourself! You know good and well when you’re making excuses to justify bad behavior – I know I do. We’re all real good at it, why? Because excuses and justifications first take place on an internal level, out of the sight and judgment of others.

We are all left to our own devices in the end; we all have to tell our own truth and do our own work in order to be successful – in the good or bad.

So Quitter Nation, let’s pray for each other’s failure! Pray that we fail miserably at lying to ourselves, hurting others, afflicting ourselves with unnecessary pain and suffering. I pray that we all surrender to Love’s plan, find the courage to let go of that which does not serve us, and experience the success of personal growth and healing that proper quitting affords.

It’s rough right now, but I still want to fail…can we fail together?

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