The Beauty of One More: Quit Working to Win by a Million!

Photo by Nick Childs

Photo by Nick Childs

Ever watch sports, and one of the teams makes you wanna say, “Umm, really? Is it that serious?”  It matters not that they’re significantly ahead, with only 3 minutes left in the game – they are determined to run up the score till the buzzer sounds and the clock reads 00:00!

Well, we’re all in a game, too – the game of life, the game of personal growth and development.  And we, too, have some surly, Type A opponents who won’t take a simple win…oh no!

When’s the last time fear went easy on you?  When did pride decide to use good sportsmanship and give you a break? Is anger going to take a time out and let you catch your breath?

Nope. *rolls eyes*

But no matter how high a score your particular quit-deed runs on you, all you need is one more, plus 1, to be the winner!

Just step out there one more time, even though your knees are shaking and you have butterflies in your stomach.  Forgive one more time, even though they’ve filled up their forgiveness card.  Tell that hard truth one more time, even though you’ll face even harder consequences.  Smile one more time, even though you’re hurting and can’t find a good reason to smile about anything.

Every time you show up one more time to follow, do, fulfill  God’s Love plan for your life, you give fear, doubt, low self-esteem, grudges, arrogance a debilitating blow below the belt!  Pow…the eye goes black!  And know this, it only takes one more punch to achieve a total knock-out!  Keep moving!

So, you don’t have to worry about running up the score – that’s not your responsibility.  Align and ally yourself with God’s plan and watch the beauty of One More unfold right before your eyes.  Love will accelerate your feet, add intensity and power to your punch, when you can only admit, “It was just a baby step. Wow.”

Never despise those powerful baby steps.  Pace yourself.  Don’t exhaust yourself in Round 1.  Leave room for Love to work for you!

As those of you in the U.S. prepare for Labor Day weekend – get some rest and take the “labor” out of trust.  Have you been “doing the most”, trying to win by 1,000,000, by yourself?  Quit it!

One more is all you need.  Keep your focus, rock your determination, and soon you’ll be the champion of your life.

Ugly or pretty, a win is a win.  And either way, Love will always be cheering for you from the stands :-).

Are you committed to doing, pushing, going, trying,
pursuing one more time?

“Dear Love, I quit being an overachieving Winner, and will embrace the beauty of one more time. I trust Love to do what I can’t in and of myself.”

2 responses to “The Beauty of One More: Quit Working to Win by a Million!

  1. Hello and thank you!
    Your words lifted my Spirit. I’ve felt like giving up plenty of times in so many ways. I was particularly not feeling great about the ‘baby steps” I’ve been taking. I hadn’t seen them as powerful before.
    “Never despise those powerful baby steps. Pace yourself. Don’t exhaust yourself in Round 1. Leave room for Love to work for you!”
    is a phrase I’m taking with me in my journey. Thanks again!

  2. Go, Carmen :-)! So honored the same words I hold on to for myself… during my moments of fatigue, frustration, feeling like giving up…so glad they lifted your Spirit too! We are all on our separate journeys, but traveling as One. I pray others will see your comment, read this post, and recognize the power in THEIR baby steps…getting them there! Love & blessings!

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