You’ve Had Your Time: Past Now vs. Right Now


Photo by Jake Chessum

“Back in MY day…”

As the girl (my daughter) would say, “If you have to start with ‘back in my day’, you really need to stop right there!” Sometimes I just wanna pinch her to life haha!

‘Cause who doesn’t like a comeback? Who doesn’t like to see a person who’s experienced the so-called sunset of their career, dream, or goal…but somehow find the boldness, courage, and tenacity to resurrect a yesteryear?

I dig comebacks.  Well…most of them.

I say most because there are some comebacks that just might need to go back.  We hear all the time that “age ain’t nuthin’ but a number” (I’ve said this myself), but think “old lady” in the club, 45-year-old rappers who look like your Uncle :-), and we get it.  As time passes, there are some seasons in life that were purposed for “then” and not Now.  Their time has passed.

That’s why it’s called the Past.

The Past used to be Now.  But sometimes the Past gets confused about what time it is – and it’s our responsibility to show the Past the Present clock!

Quitters, I don’t care if it’s your thoughts or someone else constantly recalling and recounting your past – you gotta speak up!  “Look here, who I used to be, what I used to do, the way I used to think HAD it’s time; and that time is now GONE!  My Past Now is not my RIGHT NOW!”

Your RIGHT NOW holds so much promise and freedom, fam.  Your RIGHT NOW is a release from the chains of the Past, and a gift-wrapped opportunity to create the Future you desire.

When your mind starts to drag your Past into your RIGHT NOW, do like my girl does: Put your hand up and say, “Stop right there!”  The only right your Past has in your RIGHT NOW is the RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!

All of the negative stuff that has happenED…not having your Daddy, physical, emotional, sexual abuse, unable to make ends meet, repeated failures after trying so hard, bankruptcy, divorce… Whatever your negative, sad, horrible, heartbreaking stories are, they’re just a part of your book of life.  They lie in chapters 1, 3, or 8 because that’s when they happenED.

But you’re in chapter 27 now baby :-)…those old pages don’t fit your RIGHT NOW because they’ve already been read, and now you’ve got new plots and characters to meet.  You’ll never be able to LIVE your new pages always flipping back to what you’ve already lived. #quitit

So, keep moving forward in your RIGHT NOW, Quitters. The Past is gone, but you’re still right here, RIGHT NOW.

“Dear Love, I quit mistaking my Past now for my Right Now.  I will own my responsibility to keep my Past where it belongs.”

3 responses to “You’ve Had Your Time: Past Now vs. Right Now

  1. I tell you what, when God is trying to make a point, He really drives it home. I sat down a few hours ago to write a post similar to this. I guess He really wanted me to get it through my thick skull that my past is just that … my past! Always a pleasure to read your blog, Kim! You’re amazing.

    • Hey Ebony! Girl, I’m a selfish writer most times…meaning, I’m writing to drill something in MY own thick skull FIRST, then letting others peek at my paper :-)! Glad to see I’m not alone in this class…I’m encouraged to keep sharing my self-talk with the QN…we are one! Thanks so much!

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