Real Quitters Don’t Stop At Quitting!


I’ve missed you, Quitter Nation!

This is the first time in 6 months (wow, DLIQ has crossed the 1/2 year point, woo!) that we haven’t talked at least once or twice a week.  Duty (and sleep) called, as the girl had her tonsils and adenoids removed – let’s just say recovery was very interesting :-), and I’m glad to be back with ya.

Ok, soo…Did you have any “Dear Love, I Quit” moments during my brief MIA?  Surrre you did.  You know.  That moment when Love tugs at your shirt tail, or gently nudges you on the shoulder to say, “Hey there, look. I have a better way [of thinking or doing] that would be so much more advantageous for you.  Let your way go [resign, quit], and try mine.”

This is typically what happens to me before I write a DLIQ note.

Sometimes, I’ve either lost focus, I’m caught up in stressful moments, I’m doing the most when I need to do less, I’m thinking I know it all (uh oh) – and BAM!  God will speak to my spirit, give me that nudge, or shake the living daylights outta me (if I’m really “off”) to get me back on track.  Cos somewhere along the line, I’ve let a belief or thought hitch a ride in my mind, take root in my heart, and display in my actions…one that Love never whispered to me.  I need to quit it.

But check it out.  “Dear Love, I Quit”, the Quitter Nation, the #quitit hastag – there is much more to this lifestyle than, umm, quitting.  This may come as a surprise, but stopping a habit, quitting negativity, ending bad behavior is not the sole objective of this community.  Nope.

When you get down to the nitty gritty, QUITTING, as promoted at DLIQ, is about replacement and adoption!

It’s fab to quit your habit of self-hate – but that’s not the end of the story, is it? “Ok, I don’t hate on myself anymore.”  Alright, cool. Now what are you going to replace or fill that space with – Self-love!

What’s the true benefit if you quit gossiping, but never learn how to replace gossip with words of encouragement, words that edify and uplift others?

So, our ultimate goal as Quitters is not just to stop, quit, let go, resign – then throw confetti like we’ve arrived!

Our ultimate goal is to tear down and rebuild, to uproot and then plant (Jer 1:10).  And as we plant good, Loving seeds in our lives, we want them to grow beautifully and thrive!  We want to adopt the thinking, doing, and learning that Love has purposed and designed for us.

So, don’t let quitting wear you out.  Don’t lose your breath or your focus.  Don’t STOP at quitting.  There’s much more we have to do – like accepting the work that Love has completed for us, and letting it transform us into new, different, and better individuals.  This is my prayer, luvyall :-)!

Are you willing to push past your ending to experience a new, different, and better beginning?

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