Blindness Is Not Contagious: 4 Ways to See Yourself in the Best Light

GodsEyeChart by DLIQ

You’re blind, you’re blind
And you can’t see
You need to wear some glasses
Like D.M.C.

~ Run D. M. C.

Ranked on the list with heart disease, stroke, and asthma – all non-communicable diseases – is blindness.  These diseases are not transmitted from one person to another by touch or bodily fluids, but by causes and conditions solely within the individual.  For example, if someone has a heart attack and grabs your arm, you won’t instantly go into cardiac arrest.  Thank God.  And likewise, just because someone who’s blind tells you s/he can’t see what YOU see does NOT make that thing instantly disappear.

Get where I’m going?

Just because others can’t see you – your value, your worth, your dreams – it doesn’t mean you have to be blind too!  Their arguments could be factual, valid, and make good sense, but they don’t have to be CONTAGIOUS.  You don’t have to adopt or absorb the blindness of others, not when God has gifted you with HIS vision through Love-lenses.

Somewhere in life, typically during childhood or after a major life challenge, our Love-lenses get scratched, cracked, or broken.  We try taping up that center bridge piece and nerd it out, but it’s not the same.  I used to tape my Love-lenses with success; it worked for a while, but the weak stickiness wasn’t strong enough to keep my blind loved one’s words from penetrating my personal confidence and self-esteem.  Trust me, masking your self-image with external conditions is a recipe for darkness.

When we allow the blindness of others to metastasize like a cancer, we will no longer see ourselves as invincible, beautiful, strong, gifted or courageous.  Our vision becomes blurred and we’ll begin to see ourselves, not as we TRULY are, but as feeble, ugly, worthless, failures – all the mirages that couldn’t be farther from who we are.

So, Quitters, here are my tips to get and keep a healthy self-image:

  1. Accept your glory.
    You were fearfully and wonderfully made in the glorious image of GodThe very purpose of an image is to be SEEN, not blind to it!  Quit rejecting your awesomeness or dimming your Light for others.  Humbly accept the glorious you you were created to be.  This is where you started; this is always home – filled with Light and Love.
  2. Avoid negative words and people (cataracts).
    Eliminate the Light blockers! Negative words cloud or darken your ability to see Light (Truth).  Speak only those words about yourself that open your life to Love’s light.  Surround yourself with people who champion light and Love in your life, versus those who block and distract you from seeing your destiny.  Those who are blind are in darkness – you live in the Light! Give energy to solutions, can-do attitudes, and positivity rather than magnifying problems.
  3. Stop darkness at the first drop (glaucoma).
    It only takes 1 drop of water to cause a flood.  And where there’s a flood, there’s damaging pressure! Some of us are not bombarded with the darkness of others (or ourselves) – we allow darkness to trickle in, invading our space without much detection over time.  Those “friends” who aren’t all bad, who don’t always speak negative or criticize – stop the drip!  You could be slowwly losing your vision of self, and not know it until it’s too late.
  4. Take damaged Love-lenses to the One who made them.
    In the beginning…. yep, before you existed, your Love-lenses were made.  That alone says how important and purposed you are.  But I know, sometimes we get in a life fog and just can’t see it! When your self-image gets a little off, allow Love to recalibrate the lenses, tighten the screws.  Close your eyes and use God’s vision of unconditional Love for you to “see” yourself, again and again.

Some people can’t see you; other people will never see you.  Fortunately, that’s not your problem.  Keep your self-image healthy and in balance with Love….those with hearts to SEE you will give your worth, dreams, and goals their 20/20.

What are some ways you keep YOUR self-image in clear, well lit view?
“Dear Love, I quit letting the blindness of others black out my worth, dreams, and goals. I will use Your vision to see myself as I truly am, doing what I was created to do.”

3 responses to “Blindness Is Not Contagious: 4 Ways to See Yourself in the Best Light

  1. Oh my goodness. Kim, where have you been all my life?! I think you’ve been reading the journals of my past (and even some from the present). Thank you for this creative perspective! REBLOGGING!

    • Funny :-)! Girl, I’ve been inspired by the notion for a while that “we are one!” No one’s going through life in a vacuum, with their own set of “never been seen or experienced before” stuff. My journal is yours, and vice versa! I’m grateful for those who can “see” it too, thank you.

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