Quit Spraying Perfume on Your Funk!

perfume bottles

It’s only right, right?  You’ve just finished lunch, with a delicious side of onion rings or that extra garlicky pasta with pesto, and the time comes to be a nice friend or colleague and…slay the Dragon!

Cool.  You pop an Altoids, Tic-Tac, or start to ferociously chew that stick of Orbit gum, hoping to mask the oniony fumes. But no matter what Orbit wants you to believe – masking the bad odor of a “dirty mouth” is not the same as “cleaning it up!”

And likewise, Quitters, the perfumes we spray on the funk in our lives is even less effective. Phew!

Don’t get me wrong, I get it.  Masking bad odors (and behaviors) is quick, easy, and convenient. It gets you by. And that’s the slant on society these days, isn’t it?  We’re fully game for what comes easy, what drops in our laps, but mention hard work and sacrifice and the room clears!  Trust me, I’ve left an empty chair spinning a time or two.

But let’s be honest, how attractive is floral funk? Who’s down for a citrusy-stinch?

When we don’t take the time to get to the root of our funky issues, and mask them with fragrant reasons, excuses, and justifications – our life puts off an odor that really begs to be admired, but remains despised and bankrupt, sabotaged by the presence of a flagrant imposter.  Always remember, Quitters, a tree can never escape the root it grows from until cut down.

We mask lies and deception with “They’re adults; they should have known better.”
We cover guilt with a false sense of humility.
We cover gossip with “just getting different viewpoints for a possible solution.”
We spray envy with justified entitlement of “what we always wanted before they had it.”

Heck, I perfumed being a co-dependent doormat with “I’m just a giver; I care for people. I love hard.” Wow.  In the end, that funk almost suffocated my health and sanity, and in many ways, I’m still scrubbing!

We all have our go-to scents that we think will do the trick for our life funk. Truth is, just like we bathe our physical bodies, our thoughts, behaviors, and habits need constant monitoring, cleaning, and refreshing. [click to tweet this]

The sweetest fragrance your life can have is one where the root of funk has been eliminated. Quitting the funk eliminates the odor. Replacing the root with Love keeps the area fresh and clean!

So take a deep, honest breath…do you really like the way you smell? Or are you simply masking the odors?

“Dear Love, I quit masking the odors of my life with perfumed excuses, only for the smell to get worse.  Wash me thoroughly, and my life will put off the fragrance of Love.”

Your thoughts?

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