Bump the Needle or Toss the Record?


Hey Quitter Nation!

Ever been here — Some of the things we feel stuck in, we have licked and glued ourselves to it…picked the prison cell location, paint colors, and furniture?!

C’mon, surely I’m not the only one.

As much as I’ve complained in the past about being on a “rollercoaster”, not liking where I was, being tired of the same ol’, same ol’, I was still busy tidying that place up, settling for the mediocrity, and making the chaos look pretty.

It’s usually when our super power called “hindsight” lol kicks in that we wake up and realize – it wasn’t “them” who needed to change, “it” was not the issue, it was me.  I had the power to change my circumstances all along.

Taking control and owning our personal development, our own change is what the QN is all about!

Being the catalyst for our own change reminds me of old record players as a kid.  You’re spinning your fave tune, getting in the groove, when all of a sudden you find a scratch. Now, the same annoying syllable, chord, or beat keeps playing over and over.

So what’s a music lover to do? – you BUMP the needle!  You essentially jar the song out of its repetitive, frustrating loop, and set it back on purposed flow.

Some areas of our lives need a real good BUMP (or two)!  You can no longer ignore or deny the fact that it/they are no longer serving you, but you are served with undue stress, frustration, feeling stuck, and unhappyQuit it!


  • Confront yourself in Love and honesty and make necessary adjustments.
  • Make a marked change to your thought life, beliefs, values, or environment.
  • Ask that person for what you really want or need.
  • Re-establish your boundaries.
  • Re-negotiate the terms of a job or relationship.
  • Re-define what makes you happy and pursue it with all you got!

One of these BUMPS may be exactly what’s needed to set things back on track again.

“But Kim, what if the whole record is scratched up – do I toss it?  It’s my favorite record, but I have to constantly bump and adjust the record…makes it hard to enjoy the music?”

Yeah. Sometimes you’re just unsure whether a situation calls for a bump or toss.  Knowing how Love works as a Great Restorer making all things new, I’d prayerfully approach a “toss” as a last resort – God may be working on a masterpiece that’ll blow your mind :-).

But there’s also balance…perhaps another song can’t be revealed because this record is in the way…

It’s a choice that can only be made and lived by you.  Whether it’s a BUMP or TOSS, the outcomes and provisions for each choice are written in the Love-plan for your life.  It’s always best to trust God’s plan and let Him DJ…you’ll grow to love the music!  I’m learning :-)!

Have you ever had to BUMP the needle?
When did you know it was time to TOSS a record in your life?
“Dear Love, I quit going ’round and ’round where there is no joy or happiness.  Help me to be the catalyst for my own change, not a victim of my own mediocrity.”

Your thoughts?

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