The Heimlich Won’t Hurt You…Much


It’s stuck.

Now there’s an imminent threat to our purpose, our success, our total reason for being.

At first, we thought “it” was good to us and for us; it was fun, harmless, and rightfully justified.  For some of us, we knew from the start it wasn’t any of those things, but we stubbornly did, said, lived it anyway.

Now look at us.  We’re choking on that thing, wishing we had quit a long time ago.  It has lodged itself deeper into our psyche, our personality than we ever imagined, and now this foreign thought, behavior, or habit obstructs the air flow that sustains our being.

Enter God’s Love.  Wise enough to know that a soft spoken word or a gentle stroke won’t trigger the change we need, but loving enough to know it’s time for a life Heimlich to jar, dislodge, expel the dangerous “it” blocking our destiny.

So Quitters, let’s first take a look at how we got here…What caused us to choke on life?

1.  Living too fast

We often think life in the fast lane is a fun ride.  But while the pedal is to the metal, we can easily pick up bad habits, mindsets, and beliefs that are unhealthy and do not benefit our lives.  Left unchecked, these stowaways can distract or totally obstruct our purpose and goals, and bring us a ton of unnecessary grief.

2.  Biting off more than we can chew / Eating off another’s plate

Related to #1, we want life to come too fast.  Sometimes, we don’t value process or (l)earning our way – we want it ALL, right now!  So we “bite off” more than we’re mature enough to handle; we resort to negative behaviors to force and control OUR version of progress — and choke.  This holds true to being overzealous with our own Love-plate, as well as when we engorge off the Love-plate of another.  Eat off your own plate, Quitters.

3.  Unaware of Self and Others

What’s got our attention? Are we doing too much at one time (#2)?  When we don’t take the time to build an awareness of Self – who we are and what we believe, what we allow/don’t allow, what benefits us vs. what doesn’t – we’ll find ourselves off track of Love’s design for our lives, and stuck with those who are just as far from our purpose as we are (#ouch).

What we really need fast and in a hurry is – help!

I’ve gotta be honest — the Heimlich maneuver looks painful, almost violent.  It’s definitely not a cute look…I mean, who wants to spit food across the room?  Umm, Kim, that would be the person who cares more about living than appearances at the time :-).

And if we all keep living, there will come a time when we don’t care about our pride or what it takes — we want to get it right, be re-aligned, save our lives from the point of no return.  I know this all too well…

Heimlich Exhibit A

One of my earliest, scariest (and now funniest) life Heimlichs happened when I ran away from home at age 8.  Ohh was I feeling myself!  I didn’t want to listen to nor appreciate my Mom, I was done, and I wasn’t going to put up with “her” anymore (smh).  So, instead of quitting that ungrateful, disobedient mindset and getting my act together:

I got all the way to the neighborhood park, and was chased all the way back home by two dobermans, that is, after running into a sticker bush first!

Yeah, it hurt lol – body and pride – but not forever.  I survived, and went back home with a new appreciation for my life and my Mom :-).

And that’s a life Heimlich, folks lol!  A life event that jars you back to reality, smacks you or throws water in your face to wake you up to change – since sometimes we’re challenged or refuse to change on our own.

Yes, life Heimlichs can be embarrassing, painful, hard to live through, take a long time – BUT, once that “it” is expelled from your life, you’ll breathe and breeze through life much easier and happier!  You’ll be healed, restored, matured, and re-aligned with Love’s good for you.  Trust me, it didn’t come to kill you, it came to save you.

What’s one of your most memorable life Heimlichs?
“Dear Love, I quit despising my life Heimlichs. Thank you for being wise and loving enough to know…I’d thank you later.”

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