Fade to Black Friday at Love’s Storehouse!


T.G.I.F. Quitters!

In the U.S., today isn’t just any Friday – it’s BLACK Friday! Retailers hope to stuff their coffers with loot from over-budget, over-crazed super shoppers – and in some respects, sadly, they’re getting their wish.  Perhaps it should be called “Black EYE Friday” LOL, but I digress.

Aside from deals at Wal-Mart and Amazon, I thought about what would be the best Black Friday for the Quitter Nation.

What if we could go to Love’s Storehouse and catch sales and doorbuster deals on fading our negativity, bad habits, unhealthy thoughts, or harmful behaviors to BLACK.  What if instead of costing us days, weeks, months, or years to become our greatest selves, we could find a 50% off coupon and shave that time in half! What if we could find 100% financing and 100% approval to take home our freedom from {insert your own} – no layaway needed!

Truth is, every day IS Black Friday in Love’s Storehouse.  God has given us the opportunity to deal and trade away the negative for positive.  Jesus has paid the price with His life and passed the savings on to you and me.  Depending on how bad we want it, how much commitment we’re willing to invest, how open we are to a better way of thinking, living, being – our Fade to Black Friday happens any minute, hour, or day we choose.

Remember, it’s a  to black.  A process.  A journey.  Some fades will happen faster than others.  Some coupons you’ll have to use and re-use while on your fade journey.  Just get to Love’s Storehouse, in quiet prayer and meditation, and sign-up! You’ve got your own VIP lane with no waiting.  Actually, Love is waiting for you to ask, are you ready to receive?

Think how beautiful it will be to have a total eclipse on your contradictors.  Your “yes” is your coupon, promo code, and doorbuster deal to a better, more mature, more healthy you.  And as the negative fades to black, the next YOU you’ll see will be brighter, shinier…new.

I’m going to get my brand new Me…I’ll see you at the check-out line, frequently :-).

Your thoughts?

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