The One Thing Time Cannot Erase


Hey there, Quitter Nation!

If you have more L’s (losses) in your Dreams column than W’s (wins) right now, if you have enough broken promises in your pocket to make a mosaic mural, or have seen the most perfectly thought out plans go up in smoke for the weirdest reasons (or none at all) – you get it.

Purpose, dreams, goals…they all take some time, alot of time…a TON of time by our standards.

And the last thing we’re interested in, as we’re toiling, struggling, and pushing towards our goals and dreams, is an extension.

Nobody wakes up in the morning and asks God to make their path to success longer.  Nobody asks for about five more things to go wrong, because they’ve been cheated by hardship.

But seemingly without provocation or justified karma, our dreams can feel so far out of reach, and not because we aren’t stretching, trying, working hard, or staying the (difficult) course.

At some point while you’re waiting for your time and season for success, this thought may hit you:

It shouldn’t be this hard or take this long.  Maybe I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do.  Maybe I’m in the wrong lane.

Time is many things, Quitters…it’s an extension, it is needful, it’s an investment, and many times a drag!  But one thing Time is NOT – an eraser of purpose.

Time can never be that big fat eraser for what God wrote about your purpose before you were even born.  Why?  Because God’s thoughts and words about YOU are perfect – neither you, your purpose, or your time spent in the journey is a mistake.

Yes, the realization or fruition of your purpose, your vision, your dreams can seem to be taking too long, but time is not changing God’s mind about you – but perhaps YOUR mind about God.

[For example, read Adlien’s thoughts on dreams and time – I love her example of patience, trust, and wisdom.]

Your greatness, your value, your intended contribution to this world was wonderfully thought out, written in your book of life, and verbally imprinted into the atmosphere by God.  “Let there be {insert your name}, and s/he was good.”

Quit thinking that there’s a direct correlation between length of time and God’s ability to fulfill every promise made to and about you, and those things that concern you.

Quit looking at how far ahead other’s are on THEIR journey, and comparing yourself to them.  God did not base or compare what He wrote about you, with the purpose and process He predestined for another.  And for that, let’s be super grateful!

So as another year comes to a close, and maybe you’re not where you thought you would be – I want to encourage you to stay the course, because guess what?  You’re not where you started!  Don’t despise your baby steps, your gradual progress – give it some Love!  See your greatness in having the courage to even try.  Shower your dream seeds with gratitude – for every mountain, challenge, set back, lesson – AND promised victory that lies ahead before you even get there.

Truth is, if there’s gonna be any erasing going on, it will be God erasing your negative outlook on the length of your process. Trust me, like Mama holding the new baby, there’s an unspeakable, indescribable joy that can make the years feel like days and erase the sting of every labor pain.  This “really big mistake” in OUR thinking is what will be erased.

Will you trust God’s timing more than your own?
“Dear Love, I quit letting time shake my trust in God’s plans, and His ability to deliver success.  I will shift power from time to my Faith, and stay the course.”