Happy 20 Fourteen, Quitters: The Year of Four-Real


Happy New Year Quitter Nation! Woo-hoo!

If you had anything resembling my 2013, you are super grateful to still be here, taking 2014 by the horns!

I am tremendously grateful to have YOU as a part of my dream team that started in 2013 – a community of positive minded folks who embrace personal growth and development by quitting, letting go, and/or resigning from negative behaviors, thoughts, and habits!

Soooo… how did we do in our first year of positive quitting?  Please let me know, say hi, burp, fist pump or anything you like in the COMMENTS – I’d really like to know.

Now, for a quick 2013 Year in Review, here are some accomplishments and highlights to cheer for, AND goals to keep trying:

  • Discover 10 ways to better serve and reach readers of my upcoming book “Dear Love, I Quit!: How to Resign from Working for Love” – ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Increase awareness of positive quitting and build a Quitter Nation on Facebook (and Twitter) from ZERO to 1,000 Quitters – GOAL EXCEEDED!  The Quitter Nation is now over 2,400 citizens strong, woot!
  • Record my first Dear Love, I Quit video address and quit my fear of being videotaped – STILL WORKING ON IT! (Let’s get it, Kim)
  • Increase engagement and interaction with the Quitter Nation and between Quitters.

Our top 3 blog posts for 2013 were:

  1. Blindness Is Not Contagious: 4 Ways to See Yourself in the Best Light
  2. Follow the Invisible Leader
  3. Sucking Isn’t Feeding: Quitting Our Addiction to Physical, Emotional, and Mental Pacifiers

Our top 3 Quit Notes on Facebook were:

  1. Waiting for someone else to make you happy? Quit it! The wait ends… with YOU!”  [view]
  2. You’ll never know how HEAVY you are. There’s no way to WEIGH God’s Love for you.”  [view]
  3. Dear Love, I quit sharing my ‪dreams‬ with dream-snatchers and time-wasters. Attract those to me who will catch the vision of where I’m going.”  [view]

Now, speaking of “where I’m going”, here’s our destination for 2014… FOUR-REAL OR BUST!

That’s right! We’ve all had our first taste of positive quitting, letting stuff go (or realizing we need to); now it’s time to take it to the next level and truly commit to quitting for real!

Were there any negative thoughts or habits that crept their way into 2014 with you? Are there any behaviors that you’ve successfully let go, for say, a few days, a week, 1 month – and you need to CONTINUE REPLACING with loving actions and responses?

If so, then this mandate for 2014 is for you (and me).  Let’s do it for real this time, Quitters!  Let’s grow weary with the roller-coaster or merry-go-round of stopping and re-starting, and do the work necessary to give it up, heal, WIN! We can do it together!

Did you know that people lose more weight when they diet and work-out with others? This is why I believe the Quitter Nation is so important – if we join together and commit to personal growth and development as a TEAM effort – we’d see greater success in changing our lives and the lives of others for the better!

One of my MAIN four-real goals is to finish the manuscript for the book!  Oh Em GEEEE!  I feel like I’ve been going around this book mountain for a decade (sadly, I’m getting close to that), so I have to buckle down, quit any and all excuses, and push this book out.  As such, I may not see you guys here but maybe twice a month (I take posts serious – which takes time), BUT I do frequent posts over on Facebook, Twitter, and IG (which takes less of my focus time). Be sure to connect with me across DLIQ social media networks!

So, are ya’ll ready?  I am! I am so excited to receive and experience all the goodness, grace, growth, and favor God has prepared for me in 2014.  And your future’s just as bright – don’t miss a thing, k?!  Four-real!

What do you plan to accomplish four-real in 20 fourteen?
“Dear Love, I quit missing out on abundance because I won’t commit, work hard, focus, and see each task through to the end – for real.  I now know the end is much better than beginning again and again.”

Your thoughts?

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