4 Key Ways to Cooperate with Your Transformation and Healing


Quitter Nation!

The Doctor will see you now.

No, not the person next to you – You. Life is filled with time spent in the Waiting Room, where we’re busy learning the lessons, coming into realizations, and waiting for our “time” for change. And while much of this time is spent waiting for circumstances and situations to change, it’s really about us; we are next in line for a transplant – a new mindset, a new outlook, a new heart, a new attitude.

And when the nurse announces, “The Doctor will see you now”, what do we do?  We start rummaging through our bag of mixed emotions.  We want the healing goodness, the successful greatness – but we’re also plagued with fear…”will it hurt… how long will it take.. I don’t know how to be that new person I really want to be.”

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there.  I’m sitting next to you in the Waiting Room of life. We’re in this thing together, Quitters – wanting better for our lives, dissatisfied with status quo existing. We’re in the best place we could be, in process for God to transform and heal some places in our lives that have been bumped, bruised, or flat out broken. The Great Potter is standing by to put us back together fresh and new.

But there’s something we have to do in the process. We’ve got to COOPERATE with the transformation and healing we so desire.

So, I wanted to share my list of ways to cooperate with transformation and healing. There may be others, but these are MY quit-deed reminders…Ready?

Before You Hop On the Operating Table…remember:

1.  Lay there and be still; Quit getting out of position.
Have you ever witnessed a mother give birth while sitting upright in a chair? Or how about open heart surgery taking place while the patient lies on her stomach? Pretty hard for birth or the surgery to be a success, right? Positioning aligns your entire being to receive an expected outcome. Positioning is paramount to your purpose, and can make or break your process. [<<Tweet this] When we are out of place, when we rebel against the posture that will bring us success, we sabotage the greatness that we’re destined for – all because we won’t get into alignment and stay there.

2.  Go limp and trust the Doctor; Quit fighting and resisting the anesthesia.
Are you afraid you’re going to miss something? Do you have a medical degree and want to make sure the procedure is performed properly? Oh would you fall asleep already LOL! Quit resisting the Truth that you cannot know and control everything [<<Tweet this]. If you could, you wouldn’t be on the operating table in dire need of a new heart, mind, and/or attitude. When we take our hands off the situation and trust God’s Love at work, the masterpiece that is You will emerge.

3.  Shush!; Quit telling everybody everything you see, feel, and hear.
Our mouths can be our worse enemy, and an even worse enemy of transformation and healing. Constant negative talk, self-doubt, expressions of fear – our mouths can reinforce the death traps that God is actually working to rescue us from. You can be in alignment and position on life’s operating table, but delay or never receive your transplant because you won’t stop talking – disrupting the process, disturbing the peace, disrespecting the order that your process calls for. Get into a place of quiet – don’t say so much, and if you have to talk, talk to the Doctor (God).

4.  Quit watching the clock; Trust that Time is at work for us all.
Am I done yet? Can I see it? Can I go now? We often spend so much time watching the clock – trying to rush through the process, thinking about “I, I, I”, we forget that God has purposed time to benefit others WHO WILL BENEFIT US. We are one, and there is no change, transformation, healing, or success planned for us in a vacuum. Perhaps your perceived delay is to allow the person who will give you the job the time to be promoted themselves – so they are in POSITION to bless you. Perhaps “he” or “she” is not “here” yet because God is taking time to work some things out of you that would scare Mr. or Ms. Right away. The clock tick tocks for us all – not just for one.

Quitters, it’s amazing how bad we want success, abundance, to win – but the consistent hold up to all of these super fabulous things is our unwillingness to cooperate with our transformation, healing, and personal growth. Let’s all partner with life, Love, and God’s planned and very intentional purpose for our lives.  The Doctor knows exactly what we need and when – will you agree and trust Him?

What are some other ways to cooperate with transformation, healing, and change?
“Dear Love, I quit sabotaging my beautiful transformation, healing, and answered prayers by being uncooperative with your designed process. I will submit and trust the surgery You have planned for me.”

Your thoughts?

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