Quit Thinking There’s an Oil Shortage – Just Squeak!


Quitter Nation!

If you’ve lived past the age of 25 (or older for some), one of the life lessons in your pocket is:  You cannot trust every thought that races through your mind. It’s an understatement to say that our minds are powerful; if you believe a thing long enough, no matter how far from the truth that thought may be, you will ultimately convince yourself that the fantasy is real… that the lie is the truth.

When is this especially true? I’ll speak from experience: When believing the lie exonerates you from responsibility, and provides a justified excuse (in your opinion) to whine, complain, settle, give up, stop trying, or straight up throw in the towel.

I could call the roll on many self-serving, self-defeating lie-pies I’ve had to quit smacking on, but for the sake of this post, let’s pick on this one {clears throat}: “If I had help, I would have”…done this, did better, achieved that, accomplished XYZ – you fill in the blank.

Here’s why the “nobody will help me” thought can be so dangerous – it is often spoken from a mouth that won’t ask for help.


The squeaky wheel gets the oil. But are you a wheel, so stiff with pride and anger, that the very thing you need, you’re too stubborn to ask for it? Are you struggling through life, envious of others who have, rather than being humble enough to ask, “Will you show me?” How will the world know you’re drowning, when you’re dead set on sinking in silence?

That situation, life, the Universe is waiting for you to speak up, ask for help…so SQUEAK!!

Holler, grunt, burp lol – reach out for the help you need! Your help is waiting on YOU! Quit suffering in silence. Quit thinking you’re an island. Quit worrying about what others will think or say about you. Everybody gets weak, can’t figure it out, loses their way – needs help! We were designed to be connected, to work together. You need me, and I need you! No shame in it whatsoever.

So, commit to quitting the belief that there’s an “oil shortage”..that there’s no one to help you. Be that squeaky wheel who’s not afraid to make some noise to get help, and therefore do, live, be better! Life really does get better with a little help – help yourself by asking :).

Have you been afraid in the past to get your SQUEAK on?
How did you find your voice to ask for help?
 “Dear Love, I quit thinking I have no help. Give me the courage to ask and receive the help you’ve placed all around me.”


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