The Quitter Nation is 3,000 Strong, Woot!

3000Hey there, Quitters!

In a word….Wow!

Big hugz, kisses, and hi-fives to all who have joined me on this journey of personal growth and development through positive quitting!

I landed here on WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter in January 2013 with a wild thought…When I decide to bring an end to my negative behaviors, thoughts, and habits, LOOK OUT WORLD! – I will become what God envisioned when He crafted the blueprint called “Me”.

I want that.

Then, I took the thought a little further…What if there are others “out there” with the same mindset, that:

1, 200, now 3,000 others!

It feels great to be in this space with you versus alone with all this content in my head – so please don’t stop reaching back and saying hi! I’m grateful for every engagement – every like, comment, retweet, repost, share, message, link – YOU are an integral part of Quitter Nation growth, from India (our #1 country), to Nigeria (#2), to the great USA!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, and I hope some small idea, picture graphic, tweet, or blog post has had a positive impact on you, made you think, made you mad :), or pushed you to resign to be a better you!

As a life-long learner – TRUST – there is much more to come – including the book, “Dear Love, I Quit: How to Resign from Working for Love“.


Love and blessings to all!


2 responses to “The Quitter Nation is 3,000 Strong, Woot!

  1. I absolutely love this, I am glad I found your blog. Yes, positive quitting sometimes indeed quitting is the way to go, to bad it took me so long to learn that. I look forward to joining your legions of followers.

    • And you are welcomed with open arms, betternotbroken! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words. We’re all learning WHAT and HOW to quit at our own very personal paces. We grow as we keep going, and from the looks of your blog, you know EXACTLY how to find the courage and strength to do just that! So glad to have you as a part of the Quitter Nation – do share with others and we’ll see ya ’round :-)!

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