When You Feel This, You Know You’ve Quit


Hey there, Quitter Nation!

How’ve you guys been?  It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a quote-unquote real post with you guys lol. Love’s been very gracious to me in the last couple of months: Hubby and I shipped a kid off to college – whew (there’s a whole blog SITE in and of itself), the Digital PR and Social Media biz has been growing with new, happy clients, plus Oprah’s Life You Want Tour was super fab! So yeah, I give thanks!

Now check this out. Something strangely fascinating happened to me recently. It wasn’t the first time. It didn’t take me by surprise. I just seemed to notice it a little louder in my insides than before.

I saw someone who had something I’d wanted.

Ever feel in your heart so strong that you’ve earned or deserved something – a job, position, an opportunity (never a person, Quitters *wink*) – and it wound up in someone else’s lap ever so gently? No tugging and pulling, no putting their best stuff forward – the other person just opened wide and gave it a big, fat hug. That ever happen to you?

Well, that’s what I saw, and that’s when I felt it. To all those around me at Starbucks, it was as loud as a silent alarm – they had no clue what was going off in my spirit. And though it shook and rumbled every cell in me, I was able to ward off any signs of convulsions or spasms.

What was this pounding, overwhelming feeling inside?


A nothing so powerful, so beautifully riveting, I couldn’t help but sit there, maintain my composure, and smile lol!

You see, when a good chunk of your life has been spent as a PhD Pro, the very air you breathed depended on someone else validating you by accepting you or your gifts. In times past, my adrenaline rush of life was dependent on “them” approving me, “them” saying I was worthy, “them” confirming I was good enough.

But the high beyond all highs is to feel NOTHING when those former insecure, low self-esteem scenarios pop up again. Actually, I guess I really can’t say I felt nothing.

I felt the beauty of Love and trust that the Creator has everything I will ever need, and knows the perfect timing of when I will receive them.  I felt God’s wisdom and protection, shielding me from receiving things I think I want, but have no clue as to what it’ll cost me in the long run. I felt a purity in heart, where I could bless the other person, and hold no envy or resentment against them in my heart.

So Quitters, if you’re wondering “How will I know when I’ve quit?”, it’s when the thoughts show up that used to make you cry… the sight of him, her, or it appears… the memory of that experience that used to bring anger and resentment comes back, and……

You feel NOTHING. Nothing but good vibes, a soul at peace, and a heart filled with fascinating joy! These are Love’s gifts to those who master their quitting journey. Here’s to… nothing :-)!

How’s your quitting journey going?
Are you getting closer to Nothing?
“Dear Love, I quit the negative thoughts about myself, and you gifted me with nothing…. but your best. I am very grateful.”

Your thoughts?

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