Here’s a little cheat sheet for some of the terms and phrases you’ll find throughout this blog and the book.

God’s loving, pre-thought-out design and intentions for every facet of your life.

PhD Pro
“PhD” is our acronym for Pleaser-helper-Doer.  A PhD pro is a person who seeks Love from others by meeting requests and expectations, often to the displeasure and dishonor of her/his true self.

Describes the phrase “Dear Love, I Quit!” as a short prayer written as a note to God.

Quit deed
A behavior, thought, action, or habit a person intends to cease or “quit” in order to re-align with the Love-plan for their life.

Quit list
A list of quit deeds.

A person of strength and courage who embarks on a  journey of personal transformation to quit thoughts, behaviors, and habits that are contradictory to Love and/or loving his/herself.

Quitting journey
The progression of changing one’s mindset and actions from a behavior contradictory to Love, to a behavior that aligns with Love.


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