What Does DLIQ Mean?

So glad you asked.

Dear Love, I Quit!” is an affirmation of your decision and intention to quit behaviors, thoughts, and habits that are contradictory to Love and/or loving yourself.

It can be your mantra as you embark on a “journey of quitting”, or your testimony as you celebrate the end of an un-loving thought or behavior. In either case, “Dear Love, I Quit!” is the beginning of a prayer or a LOVE LETTER that Love’s been waiting to receive from you, having cheered and supported you every step of the way to “quitting”.

This explanation, however,  speaks to the person who has clear knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of “who” Love is.  Let there be no mistaking – God is Love. It is in the fullness and enlightenment of God, and His complete work for us, that we strive to live our lives and relate to others.

But if you’re anything like me, you’ve managed to label a myriad of things “love” throughout your life.  And most of these things, if we are honest with ourselves, couldn’t be farther from the truth of Love.  So often, we have rejected the gift of Love, and twisted Love into something we have to make ourselves worthy enough to receive. These are the imposters of Love that PhD pros must “quit” working for, at the loss of honor and respect for self.

So, when you’ve reached your enough, “Dear Love, I Quit!” is a declaration to those things that we THOUGHT were Love, saying:  “I don’t work for you anymore; I quit!”  Instead of a love letter, the declaration now becomes a PhD pro’s RESIGNATION LETTER, announcing permanent retirement from working for Love, and the acceptance of Love’s work for him or her.

Now, what does “Dear Love, I Quit!” mean to you? How do/will you apply the phrase?

4 responses to “What Does DLIQ Mean?

  1. Hey there, The Girl! Thanks for stopping by and for the support! Cheers to your romantic “adventure” *wink*…there’s a ton of stuff to “quit” in the world of dating and relationships – don’t even get me started :-).

  2. Excuse me!,…Kim Bright!,…I’m curious,
    and I wonder what you would think of this!;…..
    What if someone decides to quit looking for love,
    and gives up on the concept of true love?
    And what if the people of this world decided
    to give up and/or miss out on true love?
    Would “God” judge us all AND the world?
    Or would we rather judge and want to DESTROY ourselves?

    Where,oh where has the love gone?

    May God Have Mercy On Us All.

    • Late reply but…To answer your questions…finding true love in God will never be a lost cause; it’s a guaranteed win, God IS LOVE! Finding true love in others begins with love for God and yourself, the rest is simple…share it! It all starts with one…you, me.

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