Meet Kim

Love’s BFF (BLESSED Friend Forever)
The Queen of Positive Quitting

“hey there, i’m Kim.  poster child for ‘human’.  perfectly imperfect.  i am woman, wife, mama, friend.  survivor of some hot life fires.  still smokeless.  still rising.  still laughing.  i am a child of God, a follower of Christ.  i’m special lol.  healed.  relentless.  sensitive.  an extroverted introvert.  gifted with mercy.  musically gifted.  writer with a wroar! i’m learning, evolving, mastering God’s blueprint for the creation called…Me. How are You?”

Kim J. Bright is passionate about inspiring others to live their best life through the realization of self-Love, Love for others, and Love’s work for humanity.  She uses words in her blog, in music, and in her upcoming book, “Dear Love, I Quit!: How to Resign from Working for Love”  to encourage and uplift hearts struggling with the ills of people-pleasing and undervalued self-worth.

Her message of  “positive quitting”, resigning from behaviors, thoughts, and habits that are contradictory to Love, touches lives and has been received with positive feedback from everyday people who are taking an honest look at themselves, identifying areas of “enough of this”, and taking the steps necessary to realize their desired change.

As a complement to the book, Kim launched the Quitter Nation™ on Facebook and Twitter in December 2012 – a safe, encouraging community for all who are on “quitting” journeys of transformation through the power of Love.

On the business side, Kim is a seasoned veteran in IT consulting and project management, and serves small to medium companies through her digital marketing and social media management boutique, Starborn Media, LLC.

When she’s not writing at a coffee shop or her favorite Whole Foods, you’ll find the pescetarian, Theatre and Band Mom playing taxi for her 2 artsy-fartsy teens, or somewhere in her car grabbing a moment of peace, inhaling a smoothie (it’s the little things).


Hey beautiful people, I appreciate you stopping by!  This site is ours, a place for motivation, guidance, and encouragement as we all continue our personal pursuits to be our best selves.  Take your virtual shoes off, feel free to leave a comment/feedback, and your questions are welcomed — you never know who’s successfully finished the journey you’re on, and can give you pointers along the way. And I’ll bet I’ll learn a thing or 8 from you too, so don’t be shy :-)!

If there is anything I can do to assist you on your path to transformation through Love, please reach out and let me know.  I am here to serve.

Love bless you,
Twitter @kimbrightness
IG: @kimbrightness

9 responses to “Meet Kim

    • Thanks for stopping by and for the cheers, 1prettyorchid! “What You Allow” speaks volumes to PhD pros (people pleasers) – I like that! Don’t be a stranger, I’ll be right here inspiring you, me, and others to quit the bad and add the good, Love bless :-).

      • Hey there Kim. Thanks for the support. We gotta stick together lol. And yes, lets put our brains to work and produce of some material.

        Caio for now.

    • Hey there, Rookienotes! Consider it done! Your notes are awesome and practical – would love to have you join the Quitter Nation…Fb, Twitter, IG – your pick :-)! See ya ’round!

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