Vision, Mission and Goals

The Vision

Humanity (you and me) re-aligned to who Love says we are, and nothing less.

The Mission

Every word of this blog (and book) is inspired and purposed by our mission to:

  • Spread the good news of God’s Love and power to heal and transform lives.
  • Serve and inspire others to pursue their best lives through self-examination and empowerment, with the ultimate goal of quitting, resigning from, and letting go negative behaviors, thoughts, and habits.
  • Using the authority of Love, expose and incite revolts against the imposters and contradictors of self-Love and Love for others.

Author and Blog Goals

  • Discover  at  least 10 ways I can better serve “Dear Love, I Quit!” book and blog readers through comments and feedback (so don’t be shy).
  • Increase adoption and support for a proper “quitter’s” mentality, witnessed by 1,000 Quitters in the Quitter Nation™ by summer 2013.
  • Produce at least one personal video to share with readers, “quitting” my fear and hang-ups with seeing myself on video (*smile*).

If our vision, mission, and goals resonate with you too, please support us by sharing this blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages with a friend.

5 responses to “Vision, Mission and Goals

  1. Kim, I am utterly amazed. What a dynamic vision. I am excited to follow your blog and be empowered. Thanks for being bold enough to help others in this area. Lord knows I need it for sure. 🙂

    • Ebony, it’s just awesome to be able to connect with like-minded folks who are ready and willing to quit the “bad” stuff. I know all too well what it’s like to veer off from Love’s vision and plans for my life – gotta feeling I’m not alone. Welcome to this mission field with me, cheers!

  2. Love the commitment! You take it all the way to the realization of your goals!

    Continued success,

    • Thanks so much, Jeff! That’s the “goal” :-)…seeing my intentions come to beautiful fruition. I appreciate your cheers; there’s always room for others to come and go with me!

      • I’m already along for the ride! This world needs Jesus more than ever before…(maybe not. We’ve ALWAYS needed Him!)

        This world believes it has “wisdom” of its own and doesn’t need a God. That’s evident in how far away we keep drifting from the light of God’s truth.

        We all need to “broadcast the seed” so that God may allow the increase. Well wishes to you, Kim!


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