If You Can Resurrect It, You Ain’t Kill It Right


Happy Resurrection Weekend, Quitter Nation!

So, I’m celebrating all things “back to life” this weekend. First, my faith as a follower of the resurrected Jesus Christ (yeah boi!), life to the Dear Love, I Quit blog (oh how I’ve missed sharing prose vs. instaquitters), and…

Nah, not that. Or that!

As I was reflecting on resurrection today, it hit me – some stuff needs to stay dead and buried. And if you find it still moving and wiggling around, if it still has a faint heartbeat, you need to whack it again! Because you didn’t kill it right the first time.

See that toe tag above? Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. The Old You. The Old Me. The stuff we’re in the Quitter Nation to quit doing, stop being, resign from thinking, and bring a final end to.

So listen….When’s the last time you visited the tomb where you buried that old mean, manipulative, [insert your old stuff] person (self-assessment)? Is the tomb still sealed, or is he or she outside the tomb with you, and both of you are staring at an empty grave?

Quitters, we can’t leave gossip coughing with a few specks of dirt in its lungs – we have to kill it. We can’t leave unforgiveness with a faint heart beat – we have to kill it. We can’t simply leave hatred, anger, depression, insecurity, resentment unconscious – we have to kill them. Why?

Because we don’t want our negative vices, those areas in our lives we’ve worked so hard to grow away from and change, to be resuscitated and wreaking the same old havoc in our lives all over again!

If you’re familiar with the Quitter Nation, you already know that positive quitting is a process. It’s a process of personal growth and development, of learned life lessons that don’t happen overnight. I did not wake up one day and instantly quit being a people-pleaser, or quit low self-esteem…trust, it was a process.

So, how do we kill the “Old Me”… like again?

1. Be honest
If you see your old Self hopping down the street in grave clothes, don’t lie to yourself saying, “Nope, that’s not me.” Umm ma’am/sir, yes it is! Denial keeps negativity alive, because we won’t be honest, tell the Truth, and call the issue out.

2. Be Unashamed
When the old You pops up, don’t let it shame you or shrink you into non-action. You are not alone! We are all working through our own baggage.

3. Be Direct
Don’t play around, go out to lunch, catch up on “old” times with the Old You. The Old You is not your friend! It is an enemy of God’s predestined purpose for your life. Tell that Old You “you have GOT to go; you are no longer welcomed here!”

4. Be Intentional
Now, begin to LIVE with every intention of being the NEW You. Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings; actively replace negative behaviors with loving behaviors. Maintain a greater awareness of your thoughts, beliefs, habits, and behaviors.

5. Be Proactive with Prayer
Ever do something the Old You used to do and wonder, “where did that come from?” We have to be proactive and ask God for wisdom and guidance to maintain before we find that the Old has resurrected again. While God is able to help us if/when this happens, wouldn’t it be so much better to live a life of intentional living, to daily pursue our best selves, all with confidence and reliance on God?

As we honor the risen Savior this weekend, I’m comforted to know that Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, one time, fuels my faith walk to keep the Old Me dead as a nail. That’s my intention…yours too?

“Dear Love, I quit any belief that the Old Me cannot be killed. Your death, burial, and resurrection proves it can.”

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